Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hop Rocket Travel Review

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Hop Rocket Travel Overview:

In this review of HopRocket Travel, you'll get an honest review from both a standpoint of a customer looking for the absolute best rates on all things vacation and travel related as well as an evaluation of the Hop Rocket Travel Opportunity...

First, it's important to know Hop Rocket Travel has a 150% BEST PRICE GUARANTEE so if you find a better price anywhere else, THEY'LL PAY YOU 150% of the price of the competitor! That ALONE is pretty hard to compete with. 

With so many different travel booking engines online, it gets confusing where to go and how to find the best deal! With HopRocket Travel, you are guaranteed the lowest price online. Not to mention you can earn FREE VACATIONS!

 A Guest is given $200 of credit to test drive for 30 days and explore the benefits of a HopRocket membership at the Member level. Credit can be used to reduce the price of a hotel, condo, cruise and other products from the Retail price to the Member price. Guests can either use a total of $200 credit and/or purchase a single reservation at the Member price whichever savings is greater.
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Hop Rocket Travel Video Explains The Details

Got it? Pretty simple...If you like travel, vacations or online shopping, HopRocket is 150% guaranteed to be your best bet!

HopRocket Compensation Plan:

The Hop Rocket Compensation Plan is an easy-to-understand unilevel comp plan with heavy up front bonuses and a STRONG residual component to keep HopRocket Travelers happy for the long-term. Unilevel compensation plans are a favorite among professionals in the Network Marketing industry because they typically have better pay outs and are easier to earn from and KEEP earning from...
Here's a visual of the HopRocket Comp Plan:
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HopRocket Compensation Plan Video

For further information on the HopRocket Opportunity, feel free to contact HopRocket leader Austin Zulauf at one of these desired methods of contact:

Business site:
Facebook: Austin Zulauf
Cell: 859.868.8628

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Yeah, HopRocket does even MORE than Travel & Vacations!

HopRocket Travel even offers it's members a way to shop online for all their needs such as clothing, cell phones, insurance and about anything else you can possibly imagine at wholesale rates!

The online shopping component offers an even richer experience for Hop Rocket Travel Company members, allowing them to shop and get discounts for all of their every day items. Of course, the vacation and travel deals are more than enough for the HopRocket experience to be well worth TWICE the membership fees but being able to shop online at the lowest rates possible doesn't hurt, right?